Gustavo Cristofoli
Mr. Cristofoli has worked for almost three decades in the cable and media industries and held leadership roles for the nation’s top industry services providers.

Mr. Cristofoli held a number of leadership roles at Cablevision since joining the Company in 2011 and led multiple divisions and operating units where he drove the overall local channels’ operating strategy and execution that have led to the phenomenal growth of Cablevision into the largest cable company, largest residential Internet service provider and phone company in Argentina. His leadership also has been critical to Cablevision’s efforts to improve customer service and transform the customer experience.

Prior to joining Cablevision, Mr. Cristofoli spent more than 18 years at Artear S.A (Canal 13) where he was responsible for the M&A process for several TV Channels and later a member of the Board of Directors in the acquired companies. He was a driving force in its growth from an open TV channel to one of the nation’s leading providers of entertainment and information products and services.

Mr Cristofoli holds a degree in Business Administration and Accountancy from the Universidad de Buenos Aires.